April 6, 2011 - Eastern Oklahoma Tuberculosis Sanatorium Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

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Eugene Tabor and Emily Tabor
Photo of Eugene Tabor, Emily Tabor, and infant Jeanne Tabor - 1949.   Eugene Tabor was a WWII veteran who was diagnosed with tuberculosis in the 1950's.  His mother, Emily Tabor, was a sanatorium… | more »
"A Family Interrupted" by Bernadette Pruitt
Bernadette Tabor Pruitt is an author residing in Wichita Falls, Texas. She wrote "A Family Interrupted" in June 2011. Her books include True Blue, The Reluctant Hero, and A Christmas Wish.  A former… | more »
Alma Cusac
This is a picture of my grandmother, Alma Cusac, who was in the "San" in 1950, when she was about 33 years old. She was healed and lived to be into her 80's, although there was a lot of shame about… | more »
Dr. Paul Brann Lingenfelter
Dr. Paul Brann Lingenfelter's obituary written by his daughter, Mary Ayn Lingenfelter Tullier (transcribed). | more »
Marion and Bernice Campbell
Photo of Marion and Bernice Campbell, parents of patient Helen Campbell, taken on the grounds of the Eastern Oklahoma Tuberculosis Sanatorium in 1939. | more »